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HeadquartersMontreal, Quebec, Canada
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Addition Elle is a Canadian plus size lingerie and apparel manufacturer and retailer that is headquartered in Montreal. It is related to Penningtons.



Addition Elle manufactures bras in bands 36 to 46 and cups B to H.


Addition Elle uses the US sizing system. As of June 2014, their full size range is as follows:

36 36DD 36DDD 36G 36H
38 38C 38D 38DD 38DDD 38G 38H
40 40B 40C 40D 40DD 40DDD 40G 40H
42 42B 42C 42D 42DD 42DDD 42G 42H
44 44B 44C 44D 44DD 44DDD
46 44B 44C 44D 44DD 44DDD


Addition Elle does not make bra-sized swimwear.


Addition Elle makes and sells an assortment of apparel, including tops, bottoms, dresses, and accessories.

Contact information[]

  • Phone: +1 (866) 388-4783


2038 99th Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta,Canada[]

Store experience:
I was allowed to browse the store on my own
I am not sure I was correctly fitted/didn't get fitted
The size(s)/range I was looking for during my visit was: 36H-38I
I would rate the selection of the size(s) I was looking for a: 2 out of 5
From what I can remember, this store carried up to an H cup in 36+ band sizes
Comments about store experience:

One staff member was knowledgeable about which bras in her store fit different shapes, especially when I told her what fit issues I was experiencing. However, another staff member repeatedly told me my size didn't exist when I went out to ask for a different size. I corrected her that she meant it didn't exist in her store! Overall it was a fine experience with staff, but the selection was pretty limited for my size (very few 36, no I cups).

Bra fitting experience:
don't remember the name of my fitter
would recommend this fitter to a friend
My fitter was pretty knowledgeable (4 out of 5)
My fitter was not pushy at all (1 out of 5)
My fitter made me feel pretty comfortable (4 out of 5)

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