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This is a woman wearing a half-cup bra.[1]

A balconette bra, also known as a shelf bra, is a type of either demi-cup or three-quarter-cup bra that lifts breasts in order to enhance their appearance, shape, and cleavage.[2]

Balconette means different things in different countries. In France and Germany, balconette is synonymous with demi-cup. On some US sites, it means quarter-cup bra, also known as chopper bra. In the UK, a balconette is usually a three-quarter-cup bra, or sometimes a demi-cup bra.


The bra's name came from the concept that when looking down from a balcony, a balconette bra cannot be seen.[3] It was first designed in the United States around 1938, but it didn't become fashionable in the mainstream until the 1950s.[2]

In Southern Germany and Austria halfcup bras are primarily worn under the tradtional Dirndl dress.

Manufacturers and products[]


Demi Diva
Moulin Rose
Parisien Plume
Rococo Charm
Cleo Juna
Cleo Martha
Cleo Poppy
Cleo Rihanna
Cleo Rita
Cleo Sadie
Cleo Darcy
Cleo Ellie
Masquerade Rhea
Masquerade Coco
Masquerade Delphi
Masquerade Anise
Fiore Padded Balconette
Brooke Padded Halfcup
Daphne Padded Halfcup
Elize Padded Halfcup
Erin Padded Halfcup
Ginny Padded Halfcup
Ingrid Padded Halfcup
Keisha Padded Halfcup
Lauren Padded Halfcup
Libby Padded Halfcup
Marina Padded Halfcup
Martha Padded Halfcup
Mimi Padded Half Cup
Monet Padded Halfcup
Patsy Padded Halfcup
Summer Padded Halfcup
Teagan Padded Halfcup
Miss Mandalay
Vava Bra


Tango II — 28-44; D-K

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