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Bare Essentials Intimates
TypeLingerie retailer

Base Essentials Intimates is a full-range bra retailer.


  • Address: 12 Sunrise Hwy, Rockville Centre, NY


Store experience:
I was not allowed to browse the store on my own; a fitter was required to grab items
I was incorrectly sized at this store
The inaccuracy was caused by measuring over my clothes and adding inches to my underbust
I was only provided sizes they measured me at
The size(s)/range I was looking for during my visit was: 30G and 38FF (two customers)
I would rate the selection of the size(s) I was looking for a: 1 out of 5
From what I can remember, the overall size range this store carried was: 30-56 A-K
Comments about store experience:

"My experience with this store was terrible. The fitters are very stuck in their ways of adding inches and measuring over clothes. They are reluctant to let you browse the store at all and question everything you take off the rack. It is extremely uncomfortable. They roll their eyes and constantly insist that they know better, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that the customer is spilling out of the bra everywhere. See also this rant."

Bra fitting experience:
I would not recommend this fitter to a friend
My fitter was not knowledgeable at all (1 out of 5)
My fitter was extremely pushy (5 out of 5)
My fitter made me feel very uncomfortable (1 out of 5)
Comments about fitter:

She had a terrible attitude. She was an older woman and it's difficult to feel too upset about it because so many fitters were just trained that way; basically trained not to see fit imperfections. But her manner was also very off-hand and nasty, which was the main issue.

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