Bustyresources Wiki

A noninclusive directory of independent bra stores in Canada; this is a start to find a bra store, but it omits many good stores in Canada.

Find and filter bra stores by : province, postal code, brands, and specialties.


Since it is a noninclusive directly, it *does not actually list* every bra store in Canada, only some of them. This can be misleading for women/bra-wearers because they think this website is an all-inclusive list, but in reality, there are actually more stores available to them. For example, I was searching for the "ultimate run sports bra" and unbeknownst to myself, there was actually a store nearby selling it, Cream Lingerie in Airdrie, AB. It's just that this store was not listed on bradirectory.ca. Also, the award-winning store, Friday's Image, in Medicine Hat, AB is not listed either.