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A bra charity is an organization that provides bras or related services to those financially in need. These bras are typically sourced from either bra donations or monetary gifts.

List of bra charities[]

Charity Description
Bag It Up Bag It Up is a UK bra resale that uses the proceeds for other charitable endeavors.
The Big Bra Hunt The Big Bra Hunt is UK-based Oxfam's bra donation program. Bras are ultimately sold at their social enterprise in Senegal, and the proceeds go towards their charity work there.
The Bra Recyclers The Bra Recyclers is an American bra donation organization serving South Africa and select states of the US.
Free the Girls Free the Girls is an American bra donation which provides entrepreneurial opportunities to women rescued internationally from sex trafficking by selling bras.
Joining Our Youth Joining Our Youth is an American organization that provides support to teenagers who are aged out of the foster care system. They have a boutique, Trendy Threads, where youth can choose free clothing. [1]