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|[[Kris Line]]||?||N||?||?||Developing an O cup
|[[Kris Line]]||A||KK||30||50||
|[[Maidenform]]||A||G||32||44||Offers one 30A bra
|[[Maidenform]]||A||G||32||44||Offers one 30A bra

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A bra manufacturer is a company that produces and sells bras, as well as other lingerie, and sometimes also swimwear and other kinds of clothing.

Some manufacturers sell their products primarily or exclusively through company-owned stores, such as Aerie, Victoria's Secret, and Bravissimo, while others sell their products primarily through a network of unaffiliated retailers, such as Panache, Maidenform, and Freya. Still, others are wholly-owned subsidiaries of a particular retail chain, such as Ambrielle, which is owned by JCPenney, and whose products are only available in their parent company's stores.

As a general observation, many bra manufacturers either focus on "smaller bust" lingerie (generally cup sizes A through DD) or "larger bust" lingerie (generally cup sizes D and up), while some other manufacturers offer both (which this wiki refers to as a "full range" product line). Into which category they fall is somewhat subjective, since each company is different.

This article lists them on the basis of into which of these three categories the company falls, as well as what sizes they actually offer as well as what other, non-bra products they produce.

Smaller bust manufacturers

Most bra manufacturers make smaller bust bras only.

Name Smallest Cup Largest Cup Smallest Band Largest Band Notes
Aerie A DD 30 40
Affinitas A DD 30 38
Ambrielle A DDD 32 44
Bali A DDD 32 50
Cosmopolitan A D 32 40
DKNY A DD 32 36
Frederick's of Hollywood A F 32 42
Gilly Hicks A D 32 36
Le Mystère B F 32 44
Montelle A DDDD 30 42
Playtex A DDDD 32 54
Title Nine A F 30 48
Vanity Fair B D 34 44
Victoria's Secret A DDD 30 40
Warner's A DD 32 40

Larger bust manufacturers

Several bra brands cater to larger cup sizes.

Name Smallest Cup Largest Cup Smallest Band Largest Band Notes
Alegro C J ? ?
Bravissimo D L 28 40
Boccara A GG 28 46
Caprice ? ? ? ?
Claudette A G 28 ?
Cleo D J 28 ?
Curveturiere D K 32 50
Curvy Kate D K 28 40
Elomi ? ? ? ?
Fantasie ? K 30 40
Fauve D? H 30 40
Masquerade D H 28 38
Mardo A GG 30 48
Miss Mandalay C HH 28 38
Panache D KK ? ?
Parfait D G 30 40

Full range manufacturers

Several bra manufacturers make a full range of sizes.

Name Smallest Cup Largest Cup Smallest Band Largest Band Notes
Change Lingerie A K 28 44
Chantelle Lingerie A H 30 44
Comexim B N 28 42
Ewa Michalak A LL 24 46
Freya B K 28 40
Kris Line A KK 30 50
Maidenform A G 32 44 Offers one 30A bra
Pour Moi A J 28 44

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