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Bratabase has recently expanded.

The Bratabase is a user-built index of bra measurements, styles, and fit reviews.

As of December 2013, Batabase has had over 20000 bras entered into its database[1], over 4000 bras listed in the marketplace,[2] and over 700 fit requests.[3]


Bratabase cup index

The Cup Index uses US/UK band sizing.

The website has a community where a user can lend and/or receive advice, through fit requests, bra adventures, sizing help , and online and offline recommendations. Bratabase has its own marketplace, where users can sell, swap, and give away bras and swimwear to other users.

In March 2014, Bratabase announced a new website feature called the "Cup Index".[4] The Cup Index is designed to make it easier to determine what size a bra is without needing to convert each company's sizing system.

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