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A breast has many parts.[1]
1. Chest wall
2. Pectoralis muscles
3. Lobules
4. Nipple
5. Areola
6. Milk duct
7. Fatty tissue
8. Skin envelope.[2]

The breast is the upper ventral region of the torso of a primate, in left and right sides, which in a female contains the mammary gland that secretes milk used to feed infants.[3]

Each breast contains 15 to 20 lobes that are surrounded by subcutaneous adipose tissue. The breast size and shape comes from that tissue.[4]


Parts of the breast include the nipple, areola, mound, inframammary fold, and ducts. There are also various tissue types.

Inframammary fold[]

The inframammary fold is the point on the body where the bottom root of the breast touches the chest wall. This spot is where the underwires in a bra should lay on.


Main article: Breast surgery

Different surgeries include a breast reduction, breast augmentation, implant revision, breast lift, breast reconstruction, lumpectomy, or mastectomy.

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