Started by Bratabase in 2012, and still under development, the Breast Shapes Gallery is aimed to help women identify what shape their breasts are by using actual photographs as examples. By being able to identify breast shape more easily and more confidently, users will be able to find out which bras will work best for their shape.

Bratabase's goal for the gallery is "[t]o build a gallery with pictures of real breasts where you can pick the ones that look more like your breasts. Not only by shape but also by size and even possibly body built! [...] We want to put together a gallery with contributed pictures that will be made available for users and to the internet to best describe breast shapes without having to coin names to them (read: "full on bottom")"[1]

While simliar galleries exist, such as the 007b breast gallery, "[...] it is not classified, hard to browse, has irregular pictures and not matched to bra information."[1]

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