The breast root is the point on the body where the breast tissue starts and ends. Knowing the shape of your breast root is very important when trying to find a well-fitting bra, as it can dramatically affect the fit.[1]

Determining breast rootEdit

There are a few different ways to figure out the size and shape of the breast root. [2]

Root typesEdit


Narrow roots place the breasts "front and center" on the torso, in that the root will end right before, or just under, the armpits. People with narrow roots will have a problem with bras that have too-wide underwires, which in some cases, particularly with larger cup sizes, the wires can wrap all the way around to the back.[3] Too-wide wires can also flatten out the breasts, and cause wrinkling at the bottom of the bra cups.[4] The opposite orange-in-a-glass effect, or "aubergine-in-a-bowl", is a description of how a breast with narrow roots appears in a bra with wide wires.


Examples of root widths.

It is not unheard of for people with narrow roots to overestimate where their root ends, and end up assuming their roots are wide.[5]

Bra brands that typically have narrower underwires are Comexim, Freya, Cleo, Ewa Michalak, and Kris Line.






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