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How-to determine bra size is fundamental in getting a correctly fitting bra. There is no substitute for trying many on to see how they fit, but this guide about proper bra size measurement will help one find the right size range for her body and spot whether or not it fits correctly. It details tools needed, dos and don'ts, step by step measuring process, calculating size, trying on, and troubleshooting. The article is based on a reddit comment made by MyWifesBusty. (more...)


Busty Resources is working on extensive lists of offline and online bra retailers. If you know of a missing store or website, be bold, and add it to the article. If you aren't sure of how to do so, feel free to leave a comment on the appropriate article with its name and location.



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At least 80% of women wear incorrectly fitting bras.

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Breast hypertrophy
Breast lift

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