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Comexim is a Polish swimwear and bra manufacturer. They have been producing women's lingerie since 2004 and have their own sizing system, offering EU bands 60 to 90 (UK/US bands 28 to 40)) in cups A to N (roughly UK cups B to JJ).[1] [2]

If ordering from outside of Poland, you will need to contact Comexim via email or Facebook.[3] Orders are returnable within 10 days of delivery.[4]


Comexim Bra Size Range (in cm)

Comexim carries a wide array of cup sizes.[5]

It is not recommended to use the sizing table on their website,[6] but, rather, simply converting one's UK size.[7]

It is also worth noting that Comexim bras run narrow in the cup[8] and are narrower than Ewa Michalak, while running true in the band.[9]

Comexim also offers altering and custom services, such as altering the gore height, cup height, and bands, but an addition fee may have to be paid.[10][11]

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  • Email:[12]

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