Coup de Foudre
TypeLingerie retailer

Coup de Foudre is a full-range bra retailer.


Store experience:
I was allowed to browse the store on my own
I was incorrectly sized at this store
The inaccuracy was caused by measuring over my clothes and guessing cup size
The size(s)/range I was looking for during my visit was: 32E
I would rate the selection of the size(s) I was looking for a: 3 out of 5
From what I can remember, the overall size range this store carried was: Broad
Comments about store experience:
"I dealt with two different fitters. One was way more experienced than the other and let me try the correct size. The other one just kept telling me that I was "small" and then offered me a "minimizer"? Over all I ended up getting a bra that ended up not fitting well. I felt like they had a limited selection of basic bras in my size and just pulled what they had and tried to make it work."
Bra fitting experience:
I would not recommend this fitter to a friend
My fitter was somewhat knowledgeable (3 out of 5)
My fitter was quite pushy (4 out of 5)
My fitter made me feel somewhat comfortable (3 out of 5)

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