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Debenhams is a multinational UK-based chain of department stores with stores in the UK and Ireland as well as franchise stores running under the Debenhams brand in other countries.[1]

Offline retailer[]

The department stores of Debenhams in the UK and Ireland offer a large selection of bras. They stock their own housebrands as well as known big bust brands like Freya, Fantasie and Panache. Debenhams won the UK Lingerie Awards as Retailer of the Year in 2013. Selection varies according to location. Best stocked is probably the Debenhams flagship store at Oxford Street in London.

Online retailer[]

Most of the bras that Debenhams sells are available at their onlineshop. There are frequent sales with large discounts, especially on the house-brand bras. Debenhams ships internationally to a large number of countries.

Gorgeous by Debenhams[]

Gorgeous is the DD+ housebrand of Debenhams. Carrying bras from 28-30 DD-G and from 32-40 D-J with one bra going up to 34-38K (spring 2014), Gorgeous has won the UK Lingerie Awards as Lingerie Brand of the Year in 2012. The unpadded bras are known for narrow wires and deep cups and make an excellent and affordable alternative to Freya and Cleo by Panache. Unlike Freya and Fantasie, the wires of Gorgeous bras are durable and sturdy in the larger sizes. The bras run true to size and offer a good and reliable fit.


Debenhams is the A-DD house brand of the department store of the same name.

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