Ewa Michalak
HeadquartersLodz, Poland

Ewa Michalak (also known as Effuniak) is a Polish bra manufacturer. Their sizing follows European bands with UK cup sizing with non-custom orders ranging from 65 to 95 bands in A to K cup sizes, although the non-custom bra size range varies with different bras.[1]


Ewa Michalak Non-Custom Orders

Ewa Michalak carries a wide array of sizes, and others can be special ordered.

They used to offer Polish band sizes 50, 55, and 60 (UK sizes 24, 26, and 28)[2] but, as of June 2013, they may not longer be producing these sizes.[3][4]

They do, however, carry larger cup sizes than in the website's drop down list (up to a KK and L, although their size table suggests an M).[5] The 28 to 24 bands and larger cups are a custom order and are not returnable; additionally, custom orders include an extra fee on 20PLN currently and require contact with the company to be made.[6]

It is not recommended to use the bra size calculator on their website, as it can add inches to the band and alter cup size.[7]

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