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Gorsenia is a Polish brand that is the #4 most popular Polish bra brand, according to the number of bras entered into bratabase. Compared to the other brands in the top 5 (according to # of bras entered into bratabase) which are Ewa Michalak, Comexim, Kris Line, and Avocouture - Gorsenia is more of a budget brand.

Gorsenia uses EU sizing. They commonly run 1-2 cup sizes large in their soft-cup bras.

They are available throughout Europe on many websites. The company website, Gorsenia.pl, only ships throughout Poland though.

In the United States, three retailers are Bella Bra Shop (in the greater Dallas, TX area), Fix Au Max (online store in New Jersey), and Other Eden UK (ships from Europe via UPS, but has a domestic return portal in Nebraska, USA).

Fit Au Max also ships to Canada.

Common retailers in the U.K. are BraStop.com and BellaRosaLingerie.co.uk; both of these stores ship internationally (as of Aug 2023) for example to the United States or Canada, but the customer is responsible for the return international shipping.