While there are companies that sell clothing for, or flattering on, large busts, knowing how-to alter apparel is a great skill to have, whether you need an item to wear in a crunch, or if you have an article of clothing you really like, but it needs an alteration to fit the way you'd like.


Alter the armsEdit

  • Add gussets to the underarms.[1][2]
  • Shorten tanktop straps.[3][4]
  • Add a snappable-ribbon to prevent bra straps from showing [5]

Alter the waistEdit

  • Add elastic shirring to the waist.[6]

Alter for breastfeeding accessEdit

Alter the bodyEdit


  • Convert a halter top bathing suit.[11][12]
  • Convert a bra into a bikini top.[13][14]

See alsoEdit


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