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Sometimes, it is obvious when to retire a bra. Other times, there is more of a gray area.[1]

How-to know when to retire a bra is an important ability that a bra-wearer needs to ensure a bra's overall comfort from beginning to end.

Warning signs[]

A bra is worn out when it is no longer comfortable or well fitting:[2]

  • Over-stretched band that has lost all elasticity (no longer "snaps back" after stretching it out)
  • Molded-cups that have lost shape
  • Broken underwire
  • Poking underwire (possibly fixable)
  • Bra band rides around body even when fastened at the tightest hook
  • Band or cup contains holes
  • Hook-closures are broken or bent
  • Breasts are no longer supported and droop
  • Back pain
  • Signs of a poor fit

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