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How-to prolong bra life will save one money and time. As bras both perform an important function and also cost money, using this information can prevent frequent replacement, saving a bra-wearer money and providing comfort.

Bra lifespan factors[]

Many factors affect how long a bra will last.[1]

Cup-size and breast weight
The larger and heavier a breast, the more weight a bra has to carry, and the sooner a bra loses elasticity.
Whether or not one is nursing
Nursing mothers have larger and heavier breasts and remove and re-wear a bra more often throughout the day.
How frequently a bra is worn
If a bra is worn more frequently, the material is stressed more often, and the bra fails more quickly.
Bra quality
A more sturdily-built bra will be able to handle more stress, weight, and wearings than a flimsier one.
How a bra is put on
When putting on a bra, a lot of unusual stress is already applied to it, in the form of pulling and tugging hands. Individuals who "flip" a bra into place by wearing it backwards then spinning it around to the front may unnecessarily tug at and over-stretch the material.

Extending bra lifespan[]


Do I have to handwash my bras?

There are several tips one can follow to extend a bra's lifespan.[1]

  • Gently wash and dry bras.
  • Let each bra rest at least one full day between wearings.[2]
  • Wash a bra between each wearing. As a bra is worn, sweat and dead skin cells become embedded in the fabric and elastic. The longer a bra is worn without washing it, the more sweat and dirt will build up and the harder it will be to clean. Over time, this wears away at the bra, decreasing its life.
  • Store bras with molded cups with their cups shaped correctly, not crushed.
  • Own and wear multiple pairs of bras. Some suggest 3-5 pairs as the bare minimum.[1] By doing so, a bra will be worn less frequently, and given more time to rest between wearings.
  • Put on a bra correctly.
  • Invest in well-built bras.
  • Use devices like The Strap Saver or a Rixie Clip (generic ones can be found an amazon or eBay) to shorten bra straps or bra bands when they become worn out if you do not want to use a needle & thread to alter your bras. Note: Rixie Clips are made with nickel, for those with a nickel allergy.

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