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Lupoline is a Polish bra brand known for it's full-bust sizes. For example, a post on their Instagram said, "A big bust is not a problem for us." Lupoline does not name their bra styles, instead they use numbers. Lupoline also has a lot of maternity and nursing bras & nightwear.

Similar to Gorsenia, Lupoline may also run large in the cup, according to a bratabase review, 65M in Lupoline equals 30K in Curvy Kate (however, I understand this is just one review, and your mileage may vary). Today I am wearing Lupoline 2284 and it is borderline *too small on my larger breast* review here. I currently measure 32GG UK, for reference.

Unlike Gorsenia, Lupoline runs firm in the band. A woman/bra-wearer may need to size up 1-2 bands from their normal U.K. band size (this is in my experience. Again, today I am wearing 75H and I measure 32GG UK, the band is still quite firm).

Lupoline's website is https://esklep.lupoline.pl/ Lupoline is much easier to purchase in Europe compared to the U.S.; I am only aware of one online store that sells Lupoline in the U.S., Other Eden. Note: Other Eden does ship to the United States (via UPS) from warehouses in Europe, but they have a domestic returns portal in Nebraska, USA. So, one does not need to return all the way to Europe if the bra does not fit.