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Link to article in the Seattle Times/New York Times, "Want a Bra That Fits? You'll need to order from Poland."

Link to Polish bras fandom page

A Bra That Fits Polish Guide (last updated in 2021, but still useful information)

Some Polish brands that are mentioned on Busty Resources: Ewa Michalak, Comexim, Kris Line, Gorsenia, Avocouture,

Stores that sell Polish brands in the United States

Ships from Europe, but has domestic returns in the U.S. and in the U.K.

  • Other Eden (Alles, Ava, Axami, Gaia, Gorsenia, Gorteks, Jarpol, Julimex bra accessories, Kinga, Kostar, Lupoline, MAT, Nipplex, Obsessive, Passion, Vivisence) *ships from Europe but has a domestic returns hub in the U.S. (in Nebraska), and U.K. Online store only.

Stores that sell Polish brands in Canada

Polish brands by popularity in bratabase (and other European brands close to Poland)

List of Polish brands by # of bras entered into bratabase.com as of Aug 2023. Not necessarily a reflection of overall sales, as some bras were added for data purposes only, furthermore some brands have multiple lines, like "Anna Pardal for Comexim" or "WellFitting" (which was also Comexim) and "Comexim sold by Breakoutbras" and those are not counted in the overall Comexim #'s.

  1. Ewa Michalak (9,700 bras)
  2. Comexim (5,300 bras) see also Anna Pardal for Comexim, Wellfitting, and Comexim sold by Breakoutbras
  3. Kris Line
  4. Gorsenia
  5. Avocouture (formerly Avocado)
  6. Gaia
  7. Ava
  8. Nessa
  9. Kinga
  10. Gorteks
  11. Samanta
  12. Dalia
  13. Ewa Bien
  14. Rosme (Latvian)
  15. Corin
  16. Vena
  17. Lupoline
  18. Alles
  19. Konrad
  20. MAT
  21. Kostar
  22. Nipplex
  23. Wiesmann
  24. Nazeli
  25. Pari Pari
  26. Axami
  27. Esotiq
  28. Mediolano
  29. Valea (Bulgarian)
  30. Unikat
  31. Le Vernis
  32. Dama Kier
  33. Sawren (also the brands Enivrante & Sarien)
  34. Nikol Djumon (Latvian)
  35. Teyli
  36. Agio
  37. Vivisence
  38. Roza
  39. Gracya