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A Y-shape racerback that prevents the straps from showing under clothing.[1]

A racerback bra, also known as a t-back bra, y-back bra, or x-back bra, is a bra style with straps that form a T, X, or Y shape on the back, as opposed to being parallel with the wearer's body. This style can offer more back support, as well as prevent bra straps from showing under certain clothing.



Racerback sportsbra

A racerback sports bra offers more support.[2]

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Many sports bras come in the racerback style, because it can offer more back support, which is helpful when engaging in athletic activities.


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It may also prevent bra straps from showing under clothing for fashion purposes, such as under racerback tank tops, dresses, or shirts.

Racerback tank tops pose the problem of running inwards, toward the center of the back, exposing the back of a bra's straps. They typically do not run low enough to expose the bra band.

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