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reddit is a very popular website, where people gather to discuss topics.[1]

reddit is a social networking and link agregator website that has several resources related to just about any topic imaginable, including breasts. It is filled with subreddits, such as Big Boob Problems, Small Boob Problems, and A Bra That Fits, Running Out of Letters, and Affordable Bras.

Relevant subreddits[]

Big Boob Problems[]


BBP users started this wiki.

Main article: Big Boob Problems

Big Boob Problems (BBP) is entirely dedicated to those with large breasts. Users have serious discussions, joke, complain, and request advice. The subreddit, which has over 14000 subscribers, originally inspired Busty Resources.

BBP's rules are strongly enforced to encourage a "safe place" atmosphere.[2] Sexual harassment, requesting pictures, unwarranted sexual feedback, putting down others' bodies, and gaslighting others, for example, are explicitly prohibited.[3]

Small Boob Problems[]

Main article: Small Boob Problems

Small Boob Problems (SBP), on the complete other hand, is entirely dedicated to those with small breasts.[4] It's centered around where to find smaller cup bras, complaints, perks, and fashion advice. It was created as the balancing force to Big Boob Problems.

A Bra That Fits[]


ABTF is a helpful resource.

Main article: A Bra That Fits

A Bra That Fits (ABTF) helps people find correctly-fitting bras, "because everyone that wants one deserves a bra that fits". The subreddit was created by _Kita_[5] in 2011,[6] and it is where MyWifesBusty gave his famous explanation of the best way to determine bra size on the subreddit, which achieved roughly 1700 upvotes, in addition to another 1085[7] when linked on the Best Of subreddit.[8]

Bust Friendly Clothing[]

Main article: Bust Friendly Clothing

Bust Friendly Clothing is a place for users to discuss clothing that is flattering on larger busts. This includes reviews, styling tips, sales and new brand announcements, photos, as well as selling and swaping clothing with other users.

Running Out of Letters

Running Out of Letters forum was created in 2022 to aid those who are "at the end of the bra alphabet" find ABTFs.

Affordable Bras

Affordable Bras was created in 2022 to help women and bra-wearers locate quality bras on a budget.

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