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A woman demonstrates how to do the scoop and swoop.[1]

The scoop and swoop, also known as the scoop and grab or scoop and jiggle,[2] is a method used to move all breast tissue (including migrated breast tissue) into the cups of a bra. It should be a part of every bra wearer's routine, regardless of breast size.[3]



How to put on a bra correctly?

The scoop and swoop is performed by a woman.[4]


Jak poprawnie założyć stanik How to put on a bra correctly


  1. Put on a bra.
  2. If possible, bend at the waist so that your upper body is parallel to the ground.
  3. Using one hand, gently pull your band away from the side of your breast. Using the other hand, moving in a back-to-front motion, slide the breast tissue (including migrated breast tissue) into the cup of your bra.
  4. Stand up to settle your breast in place.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the other breast.



Performing the scoop and swoop improves overall bra fit, positioning the underwires, band, and cups, so that the breasts are properly lifted and supported.[6]

It enhances your bust... smooths out armpit and back bulges, and (for larger chested women especially)... helps the breast fat that crappy bras have savagely smashed into your armpits and around your torso, migrate back into place.[7]

These effects are not limited to women with a larger breast volume; to illustrate, even a woman wearing a 30A may find migrated breast tissue after scooping and swooping.[3]

Bra size[]

Bra sizing is affected, as well; cup size may increase and band size decrease, as breast volume is properly shifted into the cups and away from the rest of the body.[6]

For women with C cup breasts and larger, it's not uncommon to go up a cup size after a few months of wearing the right size bra because all the previously smashed-around-"chub" has settled back into its proper place: in the breasts.[7]

This phenomenon is experienced by women of all breast sizes.[3][6]

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