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Types of swimwear[]


Bra-sized swimwear is any bathing suit that comes in bra sizes. These come in many styles and usually, but not always, have an underwire. Bra-sized swimwear can offer extra support, but is generally not made to be as supportive as an actual bra, and some cheaper ones may not be designed to be any more supportive than regular, "standard-sizing" swimwear.

One piece[]

One piece swimwear is a single piece suit that covers both the torso and the pelvic area. Some styles, like the modern monokini, will have the sides cut out, or have a knitted or mesh stomach area.

Two piece[]

Two piece bathing suits typically consist of a top piece (bikini top, tankini top) and pair of bottoms. Occasionally, it may refer to a set containing a one piece body and an additional bottom or cover up, like shorts or a skirt.


Sport bathing suits are designed for easy gliding in water and water activities (aerobics, laps, etc.). They are made out of a material that is slightly compressing and are free of decorations like ribbons, strings, ruffles, and charms. Some bra-sized sport swimwear may also be encapsulation and/or compression in the chest area, much like a sports bra.

Bra-sized swimwear brands[]

Below is a list of brands that sell bra-sized swimwear. The bands have been converted to UK/US sizing, but the cups remain the same, so take note of which sizing system each brand uses.

Name Smallest Cup Largest Cup Smallest Band Largest Band Notes
A.Che A F 32 40
Aerin Rose C F 32 38
Anita B F 32 38
Antigel by Lise Charmel AA G 30 40
Aubade A D 32 40
Avocado C L 28 42
Bravissimo DD K 28 38
Chantelle A F 32 38
Cleo D J 28 38
Coco Reef C F 32 46
Comexim A N 28 42
Curvy Kate D K 28 40
Eda D G 30 36
Elomi DD HH 36 46
Ewa Bien A I 30 44
Fantasie D JJ 30 44
Figleaves Swimwear B G 30 38
Flirtelle D J 30 40
Freya C JJ 28 40
Fulfilled D J 28 36
Gossard D G 30 38
Hoola D GG 28 38
Huit A DD 30 38
Just Peachy B G 30 38
Kalyani D? ? ? 38?
Kris Line D J 30 42
Lepel D G 32 38
Lise Charmel A G 30 42
Letters From Evie D G 30 40
Made in Preston DD J 26 38
Maison Lejaby B G 30 40
Mimi Swim A G ? ?
Miss Mandalay D GG 28 38
Midnight Grace B GG 30 38
Panache D K 28 40
Patrica of Finland A F 32 44
Pour Moi? D HH 32 38
PrimaDonna A H 32 42
Princesse tam.tam A E 32 38
Profile by Gottex D E 32 38
Pureda B G 30 36
Rigby & Peller C G 30 38
Storm In a D Cup D G 28 40
Sunsets D G 32 38
Swim Systems D DD 32 38
Ultimo A DD 32 38

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