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TypeLingerie store
HeadquartersChevy Chase, Maryland, United States

Sylene is an American lingerie retailer.



Sylene carries bras in bands 30 to 46 and cups AA to H. Brands include:


Sylene carries bra-sized swimwear . Brands include:

Contact information[]

  • Address: 4407 S Park Ave, Chevy Chase, MD 20815
  • Hours:
    • Monday-Saturday: 10am - 6pm
    • Sunday: 12pm - 6pm
  • Phone: +1 (301) 654-4200
  • Phone: +1 (877) 953-6332
  • Fax: (301) 654-0494


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Store experience:
I was allowed to browse the store on my own
I was incorrectly sized at this store
The reason I was incorrectly sized was because: measured too loosely, compromised on fit because of what they had in stock.
I was not allowed to try on my real size
The size(s)/range I was looking for during my visit was: 36G
I would rate the selection of the size(s) I was looking for a: 1 out of 5
I don't remember the overall size range this store carried
Comments about store experience:

I visited this store before I'd found ABTF, and didn't really know about proper sizing techniques or bra fit. Came in wearing a horribly fitting 38D. She put me in a 38F and sold me three, very expensive ($100+) bras. I got home and after only a day in one of them, quickly realized it did NOT in fact fit, began my real search, and found ABTF. Ultimately sized into a 36G.

I went to return the bras less than a week later, and while they took back 2 of the 3, they would not take back the 3rd, that I'd worn only 2x, because I'd taken the tags off--even when I pointed out that their fitter put me in it, and the saleslady helping me the second time (a different one) had me try it on and confirmed that it didn't in fact fit well at all. So now I have a $120 bra that doesn't fit and I haven't been able to resell. for even half what I paid."

Bra fitting experience:
I don't remember my fitter's name
I would not recommend this fitter to a friend
My fitter was not very knowledgeable (2 out of 5)
My fitter was quite pushy (4 out of 5)
My fitter made me feel moderately comfortable (3 out of 5)
Comments about fitter:

I came in wearing a very badly fitting 38D (cups waaay too small, band clearly too big) but at the time I didn't know any better. She put me in a 38F, declared it was amazing, sold me three. Got home, realized none of them was comfortable -- too loose, quad boob, gore not tacking. And they refused to take back the one I'd worn.

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