Is that a US size or a UK size? It makes all the difference because a US L cup is 5 sizes smaller than a UK L cup. I'm also planning on reworking this guide a bit, because for some people it can overestimate cup size, particularity those with pendulous breasts, so your cup may be overestimated by one-to-three cups (depending on your measurements). Also, check out the Bra Band Project! :)

If that's a US 36L, that would be equal to a UK 36HH. There's a list of sports bras here on Busty Resources you can look through. Freya, Elomi, Shock Absorber (though they tend to run small in band and cup; I would check Bratabase), and Ulla Dessous makes sports bras in the UK 36HH area. Lynx and Enell also have sports bras based off of measurements, so you can check their websites for the size chart.

If that's a UK 36L, to my knowledge there is not currently a sports bra for that size, but I would look at Lynx and Enell's websites, and also suggest you try your measurements out on the "approved" bra calculators here on the BR list to see if you get different results.

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