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Town Shop
TypeLingerie retailer

Town Shop is a full-range bra retailer.


Town Shop currently carries bra-sized swimwear.


  • Address: 2270 Broadway, New York, NY 10024

Located between 81st and 82nd Street

  • Phone: 212-724-8160
  • E-mail: Pat@TownShop.com


Store experience:
I was allowed to browse the store on my own
I was correctly sized at this store
The size(s)/range I was looking for during my visit was: 28-32B, resized to 28DD/E
I would rate the selection of the size(s) I was looking for a: 3 out of 5
From what I can remember, the overall size range this store carried was: HUGE RANGE! Everything.
Comments about store experience:

This was the first store my mother took me to when I got my first real bra years ago when I was 11 or so. I was a 32AA then. For some stupid reason, I never went back there and thought I could just step into any old store and get a cute bra that fits etc even after my size changed and everything. But I came back to my roots after struggling to find things that fit, and wouldn't feel terribly painful by the end of a long day and my fitter was amazing, they have tons of different sizes, brands, they explain what they're doing and they ask for your feedback. Don't be afraid to ask them for help with the fit of a bra! They finally got a bigger space and it's truly amazing!

Bra fitting experience:
My fitter's name was Hilary I think...
I would recommend this fitter to a friend
My fitter was super knowledgeable (5 out of 5)
My fitter was slightly pushy (2 out of 5)
My fitter made me feel pretty comfortable (4 out of 5)
Comments about fitter:

She did just do everything by eye, which I understand some people do not like, but maybe that was simply because I was a trainwreck when I got there and she corrected all my mistakes, like I didn't know I was supposed to be wearing bras on the loosest hook, and I went from 32B to a 28DD/E! Thank you Hilary. I think that's her name... I hope it is, but anyway she was awesome.

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