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Ulla Dessous
HeadquartersLeinach, Bavaria, Germany

Ulla Dessous is a German bra manufacturer. Their sizing follows European standards. Although they make bras starting from  65D-70C-75B (30D-32C-34B), they are best known as a manufacturer of large cup-large band bras.

About Ulla[]

The factories of Ulla are located near Wuerzburg, Germany. Ulla is one of the few bra brands who is still producing their bras in the EU and they are paying German union wages. They take great care in selecting only the best materials, ensuring that no toxic chemicals are present in the fabric.

Notes on sizing and fit[]

Ulla manufacturers bras in bands 65 to 130 (UK 30 to 56) and cups B to N. They follow normal EU sizing conventions up to I-Cup, the sizes after that go K-L-N with the cups running unusually large. K covers UK-GG as well as UK-H, L covers H and HH and N is equal to about HH/J. The band of most Ulla bras tends to run tight, for this reason women frequently size up in the band compared to UK bras. Their bras are known for having narrow wires and deep cups, they are also very good for a lot of upper fullness. 

Ulla Factory Store[]

Ulla has a factory store in Leinach near Wuerzburg, Germany. There you can try on their whole collection of bras as well as purchase bras with minor faults or last-seasons colours for half-price.

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